Our Holistic Approach

Our goal at Pure Health is to enhance the body’s natural healing ability, to reduce stress, feel calm, experience less pain, and move more freely to optimize health. We believe in EDUCATION, EXPERTISE and SUPPORTING our clients through each step of therapy.

The foundation of our approach centres around four pillars of health: physical therapies, movement & stillness, nutrition, and mindset. Based on science, therapeutic research, and over 80 years of combined therapist experience and expertise, we have combined the essential components required to reduce stress, enhance healing, and improve mindset, which together improve brain function and our whole body experience.

Stress Reduction is the Goal

Reduce the effects of negative stress on your body and mind, and you will experience profound changes to your overall health and mindset. How does calm feel to you?

Learn to identify your stress triggers and how they affect your body. Develop strategies to manage your body’s stress response, and you will begin to feel alive, in control, and calm again. Everyone experiences stress differently, but internally the physiological and biochemical impact of stress is expressed in similar ways. We feel muscle tension and pain, anxiousness and confusion, our breathing becomes shallow, and our stress hormones become elevated.


Keys To Our Four Pillars

Learn how many of our daily habits and behaviours can trigger the stress response and what you can do to take back control of your life.

Therapeutic Treatments
Our team will assess and treat your body’s unique needs with a range of therapeutic techniques. It’s time to start focusing on what’s important to you!
Massage Therapy | Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy | Chiropractic | Homeopathy | Organic Seaflora Facial | Osteopathy | Reflexology

Recover from your frantic pace and worries to feel free and enjoy living again. Enhance your capacity for focus calm and happiness.
Meditation | MUSE Brain Sensing Headband | Psychotherapy

Step outside of the gym and learn how to sit, walk, run and play better. Discover a fusion of moves that help you prevent injuries, tension and pain.

Eat well to live well. Identify the foods that fuel your body to function at your best, regain health and love the food you eat.
Nutrition & Wellness

I have been a customer of Pure Health for approximately 8 years, and during that time I have received the best care.
— Ann R.


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