Massage Therapy

Massage therapy can reduce stress, tension, and pain — allowing you to move more freely. Feel calm and help your body heal. Massage is more than a luxury.

How can massage therapy help you? Research has found the action of moving the skin stimulates the brain to lower levels of stress-related hormones—cortisol & epinephrine—improve immune function, and relieve pain. Massage therapy has a profound impact on our body and mind. Use it to improve movement, release muscle tension, and optimize your health.

How does massage therapy benefit you?

  1. Manage stress & reduce physical exhaustion
    Massage therapy helps reduce muscle tension and open your joints to their full range of motion and strength. Take time to feel your body, release tension, and stop moving for an hour of quiet, reflective time.

  2. Enhance athletic performance
    Reduce muscle tension and pain, increase flexibility, improve mobility. Overtraining can put your body in a state of stress and have a negative impact on your body. Learn to feel your body and improve your awareness of tension to change behaviours before injury occurs.

  3. De-stress during pregnancy
    Creating life is a beautiful thing, but can also leave you feeling exhausted, sore, and tender… pretty much everywhere. Come in and let us ease tension specific to your areas of need to reduce muscle pain and help you have a better nights sleep.

You don’t just get a fantastic restorative massage. You get an education.
— Helder F.


Jo Ann Fawcett, BA, RMT


Jo Ann established Pure Health in 2001, and since then, has continue to grow and evolve. Jo Ann combines techniques from several different resources to help her clients relax, heal, and learn. Jo Ann believes in engaging the client in the healing process by marrying traditional hands-on treatments with current technology, and measuring the change. The end result? Reduce stress, live better!


Karyn Rowe, BA, RMT

Karyn is a massage therapist with expertise in reflexology and acupressure treatments. She will help you relax, relieve tension, and repair from injury in a safe and comfortable environment. Over two decades of experience and dedication to ongoing post graduate learning, she brings a variety of techniques and modalities to customize the most effective and safe treatment protocols for the client. Karyn’s focus on professionalism, current therapies, and continuous learning have helped her develop excellent assessment and treatment protocols for her clients. 


Sue Maple, BA, RMT

Sue has helped Pure Health grow and evolve over the years. She has developed a family practice style with her work, encouraging optimum health. Sue believes that massage as a therapy provides assistance, support, and ongoing prevention of our varied stresses and injuries. Building long-term relationships and treating families has been a cornerstone of her practice. She individualizes all treatments to cater to her clients’ needs and maximize their health. She has been involved in health care for many years in both the fitness industry and private practice. Her strength and techniques have allowed her to grow and adapt to the changing needs of her clients.

Best place to go for a massage! Very clean and professional! You will leave feeling amazing!
— Rachel A.