Now available – the BioScan SRT Computerized Scan

Are you finding that you are excessively sensitive to certain foods or your environment (or both)? Are you feeling out of step with your health or just not enjoying your usual energy levels? Are you struggling to identify the issues or stressors that are affecting your well-being? Are you curious about hormones, foods, infections? Have you wondered about digestive issues and chronic inflammation?

If you are puzzled about your current health and crave guidance on finding the next steps to shed light on your condition, then book yourself in for a BioScan SRT scan. The BioScan SRT, new to our clinic, is a non-invasive, computerized scan capable of identifying over 60,000 substances that your body finds stressful or reacts to. The scan only takes less than 15 minutes. Following the scan, through the use of laser technology and acupressure points, the BioScan SRT can help your body rebalance so that it no longer reacts to the substances as it previously did.

No more suffering from inflammation in the body due to sensitivities. No more puzzling about what is going on with your body. Enjoy reduced or eliminated reactions to foods or the environment. Feel like a new person with balanced hormones in just a handful of sessions. To book a session with Janet Neilson, homeopath and registered BioEnergetics practitioner, click here.  Sixty minutes is sufficient for the initial scan. We recommend 45 minutes for subsequent scans. Get your new year off to a clear and healthy start! For more information on homeopathy, click here.