Seaflora Organic Facial

Seaweed is a vegan super-food! All skincare products seep into your skin. As many nutritionists know, if it’s not safe enough to eat, you shouldn’t put it on your skin. At Pure Health we combine the benefits of face, neck, lymph and head massage along with Seaflora’s award winning products to hydrate, help heal and brighten the skin with non- toxic, nutrient enriched products.

How does Seaflora Organic facial benefit you?

  1. Detox
    Organic seaweed has many health benefits and offers the best support for modern living because they remove toxins from the body and free up detoxification pathways. Seaweeds deeply re-mineralize, balance pH levels, fight inflammation and promote overall body health.

  2. Superfood status

    Seaweeds contain the richest minerals and vitamins in the plant kingdom with 10 – 20X higher concentrations than any land plant. Mineral content in seaweed ranges from 20-40% per 100 grams compared to 5-10% per 100 grams in land plants. Seaweeds bathe in mineral-rich ocean water creating the most highly mineralized plant form on Earth.

  3. Relaxation

    Combined with massage therapy you can experience relaxation, improved blood and lymph flow in your head, neck and face while experiencing the benefits of
    non-toxic, nutrient dense skin care.

Combining massage therapy with Canada’s leading wild organic skin care is a revolutionary new way of experiencing a facial. To purchase Seaflora’s award-winning products, click here.


Jo Ann Fawcett, BA, RMT

Jo Ann established Pure Health in 2001, and since then, has continue to grow and evolve. Jo Ann combines techniques from several different resources to help her clients relax, heal, and learn. Jo Ann believes in engaging the client in the healing process by marrying traditional hands-on treatments with current technology, and measuring the change. The end result? Reduce stress, live better!