This 5000-year-old method of healing to release tension and reduce pain is just as useful today as it was all those years ago. Get your chi moving.

What is “chi” anyway? Chi refers to the flow of energy within our body. It flows along meridians or pathways which connect acupressure points to one another and to the tissue and organs of the body. The meridians are seen as the “master communication system of universal life energy.” During a treatment the therapist will apply pressure along different yet specific points to create optimal energy flow to the area of concern. Feel pressure and pain melt away.

What benefits does acupressure have?

  1. Scared of acupuncture needles?
    Acupressure is a needle-free treatment that follows the same meridians as acupuncture to induce a response in the body. Enjoy this hands-on treatment, and awaken your body’s natural abilities to heal.

  2. Reduce the pain and pressure of sinus congestion and headaches
    Acupressure points have been mapped out to provide a flow of energy to specific areas of the body. They are often used to release the pain, pressure, and congestion caused by headaches and sinus infections.

  3. Optimize energy low
    Awaken your body’s full potential to unlock its natural abilities to heal and feel energized. Help move energy through areas of tension to reduce pain and move more freely.



Karyn Rowe, BA, RMT
Certified Reflexologist,
Acupressure Therapy

Karyn is a massage therapist with expertise in reflexology and acupressure treatments. She will help you relax, relieve tension, and repair from injury in a safe and comfortable environment. Karyn combines a variety of techniques to help her clients. She began her career in the rehabilitation area of the fitness industry before becoming an RMT. She has built a solid foundation in continuing education to provide her clients the best techniques to optimize their treatment outcomes. Karyn’s focus on professionalism, current therapies, and continuous learning have helped her develop excellent assessment and treatment protocols for her clients.