Tired of overcrowded classes? We’ve got you covered.
Our studio offers small, safe classes with experienced instructors who provide individual attention so you can grow and learn.

Sign up for a session in January, 2019 and register for a chance to win a Halfmoon Yoga Heatable - organic hot/cold therapy pillow.

Max. 10 spots per class so RESERVE YOUR SPOT NOW.
All sessions include 6 consecutive classes.

Yoga Lunch - a midday break intended to counteract the effects of workday stress on the body. Using breath to facilitate functional movement of the spine, hips and shoulders with a relaxing finish to set you up for your afternoon.

Gentle Hatha - a series of classes that will take you through the full range of motion for the spine and all the joints of the body over the six weeks. In addition to the postures, there will be guided breathing exercises and attention to the present moment experience. Classes will end with a long, supported relaxation intended to refresh and restore energy. Optional head/neck massage during the relaxation will be offered.

Hatha Flow - a series of classes that combines both flow and a range of individual poses to work the entire, spine, joint alignment, posture and muscles. Increase your flexibility, strength and connection to breath. Move better to feel better!

Restorative- a series that will help you unwind, release tension and connect with your body. Learn to breathe, find stillness, and postures that will reduce or alleviate muscle pain.

Mats will be provided for your convenience. Feel free to bring your own if you prefer.