Tired of overcrowded classes? We’ve got you covered.
Our studio offers small, safe classes with experienced instructors who provide individual attention so you can grow and learn.
Mats will be provided for your convenience.

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Our Classes

Restorative Yoga & Meditation - Melt away tension and find freedom in movement. This series will help you unwind, release tension and connect with your body. Learn to breathe, find stillness, and postures that will reduce stress and muscle pain.

Yoga Nidra - Discover this ancient form of deep relaxation that focuses on nourishing the nervous system, reducing anxiety and stress. This guided practice allows you to reach the bridge between alfa and theta states to allow your brain activity to slow down and drift towards sleep while still being aware of the sounds and words of the instructor. This is different from meditation as it does not require alert awareness of your present state.

Revitalizer Flex Yoga - UNWIND SCREEN TIME. Get re-energized for the afternoon with this lunchtime series. This class will focus on lengthening the back and neck, opening the hips and unwinding shoulder tension. It will end with supported relaxation to restore energy and focus.

Revitalizer Posture - Stand tall with this transformative posture series. The class will focus on yoga postures, stretches to improve spinal flexibility, open the hips, reset the shoulders and release the neck from painful tension patterns. There will be guided breathing exercises and attention to the present moment experience to improve your body-mind connection.

Restore Your Core - A unique twist on core workouts. Designed by our pelvic floor physiotherapist and yoga therapist to blend breathe work with core stability positions and pelvic floor exercises. Effective therapy based movements to improve posture, strength and body awareness and reduce low back pain from pelvic instability.


Our Instructors


Sahara Macdonald

Sahara has been teaching yoga professionally for almost 10 years. She completed her 200-hour YTT from YogaSpace in Toronto with advanced training in meditation/Nidra (Andrew Kun), Thai massage (Deanna Villa at Thai Massage Toronto), restorative/therapeutic (YogaSpace), aromatherapy (Bonita Barth at The Aromatherapist), chakras and more. Sahara currently teaches at: MODO UPTOWN (Moksha Uptown), Laya Spa, and YogaSpace as well as weekly private classes. Breath and energy are the focus of all yoga practice with Sahara. She also works intuitively, and with any style of yoga, she brings additional guidance to each session. Sahara encourages people to practice self-care and self-love through yoga practice and beyond. Sahara’s motto: Flexibility is a headspace.


Ali Alexander

Ali is a certified yoga therapist and has been teaching yoga Asana, philosophy and meditation since 2005. She teaches publicly and privately in Toronto, and brings a variety of approaches to her practice – yin, Hatha flow, Vinyasa, yoga therapy, meditation and philosophy. Her teaching places emphasis on breathing and present awareness. Using breath as a primary guide, her focus in Asana practice is to guide students in exploring their optimal range of motion and functional mobility. In addition to awareness of breath, mindfulness practices for the body, mind, and environment play roles in each session. Ali belongs to the faculty of two yoga teacher-training programs and offers retreats and workshops in all aspects of the practice of yoga.