Nutrition & Wellness

Learn the best possible food choices that ensure your unique, vibrant self gets all the essential nutrients and support your body needs.

Nidhi will listen to your needs, and together you will develop a plan along with BIE technology to create a new personalized approach to living well. Discover your nutritional fingerprint to help determine which foods you are sensitive to and which ones fuel your body. She can help you create your own path to optimum health with foods that fuel your body and encourage healing. No two bodies are created equally and therefore each body should be treated as uniquely as the person who lives in it. Get ready to feel great again.

How does holistic nutrition benefit you?

  1. Take control of your health
    Receive the support you need in order to build and maintain an ideal state of health that is sustainable and enjoyable. Learn how to have more energy, sleep better, manage stress better, and feel fantastic overall.

  2. Balance the physical, emotional, and environmental aspects of life
    In order to create and maintain personal wellness, all aspects of an individual’s life must be taken into consideration. Food is only one component of healthy living; the mind and body must be worked on as a whole.

  3. Discover your best food choices
    It is important to eat a diet that consists of a variety of foods in order to ensure all essential nutrients are included. Learn how to incorporate new dietary habits that work for you and your individual needs.

  4. Energetic balance is everything
    BioEnergetics is a natural new method that helps a person’s body to recognize the “culprit” that’s causing their health disorder. Energy is directed onto specific points on the body to help create a homeostatic state, therefore alleviating suffering.



Nidhi is a multilingual registered occupational therapist with a strong focus on nutrition. A registered BIE practitioner, health & wellness coach, educator and mother, she grew up in India where natural remedies have a long historical tradition and are an integral party of daily life. Nidhi understands the timelessness and value of natural remedies and holistic practices for healing. In providing clients with a wealth of information to help them form healthy, positive, and lasting changes in their lives, Nidhi combines her knowledge of nutrition and lifestyle practices with her experience from teaching at York University and facilitating wellness courses. Nidhi's mantra is: "Health is the true wealth. Do everything to protect it."

Recently Nidhi has successfully launched an all-natural handmade line of skincare products called Firoza — offering a range of body butters, deodorants, soaps, lip balms, healing salves, and bath salts.