Blood is the life force that allows our organs to work, brain to function, and lungs to help us breathe. Without movement, blood flow would stagnate.

What’s the only real anatomy lesson you need to survive? Our hearts are a magnificent muscle that continuously pump out a blast of awesome oxygen-filled blood to quench the thirst of all our muscles, organs and brain. Once blood leaves the heart and cascades down to our toes, it needs help climbing back up for a refill of O2. How does this happen? A combination of vascular pressure, venous levers, and the forceful pump of our muscles working hard - movement provides that O2 refill. Physical movement isn\'t just important for athletes; it\'s essential for everyone to keep blood oxygen levels high and and stress levels low. So stop sitting, and get moving!

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img I woke up with a neck kink and major back pain. Pure Health is a miracle worker and has decreased my pain and allowed me to move again. Thank you! img

Jennifer C - Toronto, ON

What benefits does
Movement Have?


Navigate through grief, anxiousness, and resignation towards feelings of joy

Anxiety and depression can begin to form emotional barriers around us that can physically change our shape to that of slouching and heaviness. Stand tall, change your state, and begin to feel the joy.


Break the Cycle of Tension in your Shoulders and Back

Slumping over at the computer all day and working on your laptop at night create strong negative feedback loops between your muscles and brain. When your back looks more like a banana than the lean silhouette of an “s” it’s time to start moving again.


Unleash your Potential Through Movement

Mix it up and throw your brain into overdrive as you learn to move in new directions and rhythms to change your patterns. Who knew you could still touch your toes . . . your potential is limitless.


Manage Chronic Pain

The first reaction to pain is often stillness in hopes of gentle resolution, yet movement is essential to healing. This doesn’t require intensity, just focus and flow. Motion is lotion.

Our Movement Specialists

Jo Ann Fawcett, BA, RMT

Owner and founder of Pure Health

Jo Ann opened the doors at Pure Health in 2001 and has continued to grow and evolve since then. Jo Ann combines techniques from several different resources to help her clients relax, heal, and learn.

Mary Ganzon RCST, PMA

Registered Craniosacral Therapist, Pilates Method Alliance Instructor, Movement Specialist

There’s something about Mary that is very special. She has developed expertise in both stillness and movement to help align the body and allow it to move through healing.