Massage Therapy

Massage therapy can reduce stress, tension, and pain allowing you to move more freely. Feel calm and help your body heal. Massage is more than a luxury.

How can massage therapy help you? Research has found the action of moving the skin stimulates the brain to lower levels of stress-related hormones--cortisol & epinephrine--improve immune function, and relieve pain. Massage therapy has a profound impact on our body and mind. Use it to improve movement, release muscle tension, and optimize your health.

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What benefits does
Massage Therapy Have?


Manage Stress

Reconnect with your body to become attentive to its response to daily stress and routine. Reduce muscle tension and open your joints to their full capacity of motion and strength.


Enhance Athletic Performance

Reduce muscle tension and soreness, increase flexibility, improve mobility. Overtraining can put your body in a state of stress and have a negative impact on your body. Learn to feel your body and improve your awareness of tension to change behaviours before injury occurs.


De-stress During Pregnancy

Creating life is a beautiful thing, but can also leave you feeling exhausted, sore, and tender … pretty much everywhere. Come in and let us tend to you while you create your own little masterpiece.


Reduce Physical Exhaustion

We live fast paced lives spent racing to work, consuming coffee, and using mobiles, tablets and laptops for long hours. All of this often comes at the expense of sleep and exercise. Take time to feel your body, release tension, and stop moving for an hour of quiet, reflective time.

Our Massage Therapy Specialists

Jo Ann Fawcett, BA, RMT

Owner and founder of Pure Health

Jo Ann opened the doors at Pure Health in 2001 and has continued to grow and evolve since then. Jo Ann combines techniques from several different resources to help her clients relax, heal, and learn.

Karyn Rowe, BA, RMT

Certified Reflexologist, Acupressure Therapy

Karyn is a massage therapist with expertise in reflexology and acupressure treatments. She will help you relax, relieve tension, and repair from injury in a safe and comfortable environment.

Sue Maple, BA, RMT

Massage Therapist, Amateur Photographer

Sue has helped Pure Health grow and evolve over the years. She has developed a family practice style with her work, encouraging optimum health.